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Camelot Fabrics Eeyore Enjoying Little Things - Blush

Be happy. Choose joy. If even Eeyore the perpetually depressed donkey can find pep in his step, so can you!

The sweetest collection for baby and preschooler alike, featuring Eeyore and Piglet surrounded by hearts, clouds, rainbows and balloons.

Truly a magical collection full of joy and love.

Sold in minimum 1/2  Yard cuts (18" x wof width of fabric).

Please add the number of 1/2 yards you'd like to your cart.

Qty 1= 1/2 yard (18 " x wof)

Qty 2= 1 yard (36" x wof)

Anything more than 1/2 yard will be cut as a continuous piece.  ie  Qty of 4 will be sold as a 2 yard piece.