Cricut Tote Bag Blank Large

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Optimized for Infusible Ink transfers. It's a blank canvas for your creativity for projects that will stand the test of time! Customize with designs that never flake, peel, crack, or wrinkle. Get vibrant, permanent, pro-quality heat press transfers – no edges or seams – on this compatible Infusible Ink tote bag blank. 

How it works

  1. Choose your materials. Select Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or Infusible Ink Pens & Markers and a compatible Cricut blank.
  2. Make your design. Cut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets or draw with Infusible Ink Pens & Markers using laser copy paper.
  3. Apply heat. Infuse your design into your Cricut blank with Cricut EasyPress 2 (or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C).


  • Tan
  • 19" x 14"
  • 1 tote bag
  • 100% polyester
  • Compatible with Infusible Ink™ Transfer Sheets, Pens & Marker
Care and Usage:
  • Carefully follow instructions at
  • For best results, use Cricut EasyPress™ or heat press that reaches 400°F (205°C)
  • For adult use only