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Figo Snug Knits - Orange Clementines -K90533-56

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Figo Snug Knits - Orange Clementines -K90533-56


FIGO is thrilled to add quality knit fabric to its roster of products. Snug Knits consists of a selection of artworks from 3 of FIGO’s amazing designers that you know and love.

By Alison Janssen 

- 4 way stretch fabric cotton 95%/spandex 5% 
- a half yard is 18 x 59 inches.


Sold in minimum 1/2  Yard cuts (18" x 59" of Width of Fabric).

Please add the number of 1/2 yards you'd like to your cart.

Qty 1= 1/2 yard (18 " x wof)

Qty 2= 1 yard (36" x wof)

Anything more than 1/2 yard will be cut as a continuous piece.  ie  Qty of 4 will be sold as a 2 yard piece.