Homemade Life Box

Let's get together long term! Become a HomeMade lifer with our HomeMade Life Box!

The Homemade Life box is an annual subscription delivered to help you create a more homemade life! Each box has been curated to include projects to spark new crafting joy and help you lead a more homemade life (since nothing feels better than making it yourself). 

Inside each box, you will find a variety of easy-to-make projects and a selection of cool crafting and lifestyle goodies. Plus, inside each box, we will also feature a fellow maker and their small business and facilitate them bringing their craft to you! 

WARNING! If you want your box to be a suprise ... DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK! However, if you're dying for a sneak peak of what's to come in 2022 CLICK HERE

Subscriptions are limited, if you miss it, you'll have to wait to see if any space opens up next year.

So don't wait.  

In 2022, there will be a total of three seasonal HomeMade Life boxes. UPDATE as of Aug 2022 , there are TWO Homemade Life Boxes left.

Each box will include more than $300 in supplies along with FREE SHIPPING and video support for $199CAD per box. Payment for the first box will occur at time of purchase, additional payments occur prior to each boxes being shipped.

FREE SHIPPING in North America!  The best shipping rates we can find, world wide. 

Your first box will be delivered in the spring, the second box in the summer, and your final one in the late fall.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Each box is $199CAD, for a total of $597CAD for one-year subscription (you will receive 3 boxes in total).All subscribers must subscribe for the full year.

There is NO registration midway through the year. Anyone with a subscription can be grandfathered into next year's boxes. All others will enter a lottery for any remaining spaces. 

So now's the time to register!