OLFA Rotating Self-Healing Cutting Mat 17 x 17

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  • ROTATES 360 DEGREES - The OLFA 2-piece rotating mat eliminates the need to move the project, mat, or yourself. The non-slip stationary bottom layer allows for smooth and secure rotation. The top cutting mat rotates 360 degrees and has grid lines.
  • SELF HEALING ROTARY MAT - Our rotary mat has a self-healing finish that reseals surface cuts for a continually smooth cutting surface. Using a self-healing cutting mat extends the life of your blade and protects the surfaces of your work area.
  • 17 INCH BY 17 INCH MAT - This 17" square rotating cutting mat is perfect for trimming blocks, cutting multiple layers of fabric, squares, triangles, diamonds, circles, and other shapes that require turning.
  • PROTECT YOUR ROTARY MAT - Our professional quality cutting mat is designed for use with rotary cutters only. Not for use with fixed blade utility knives. To prevent warping, store it flat and out of direct sunlight.
  • THE OLFA STANDARD - As the inventor of the Rotary Cutter in 1979, OLFA has maintained a standard of cutting excellence for our quality and durability. Pairing OLFA brand rotary cutter, blades and cutting mats together will provide optimal results.