SPECIAL PRICING - Quilting Retreat Ruler & Mat Kit

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We have put together a kit of specialty rulers that will help with making the Stargazer quilt. Note: You do NOT NEED these to complete the quilt, you can use whatever quilting rulers you currently have, but these WILL help make the process quicker and easier as they are the exact size you need for measuring and squaring up all of the blocks in the Stargazer quilt.  The rotating cutting mat will make trimming all of your squares much quicker! Again, you still can use your regular cutting mat, but rotating is nice given we have hundreds to trim.  This kit will help build your quilting ruler and mat collection, as these are very popular sizes. So you will continue using them on future projects.

Only while supplies last!

Included in the kit;

OmniGrid 2.5inch x 2.5inch Square Ruler 

OmniGrid Cutting Trio Ruler 

OmniGrid 4.5inch x 4.5inch Square Ruler 

OmniGrid 16.5inch x 16.5inch Square Ruler 

OmniGrid 8inch Rotating Cutting Mat

Only while supplies last!