Watercolour Wednesdays - optional Kit!

Join in every Wednesday in June for a FREE Watercolour class LIVE in the HomeMade Facebook Group. 

Wednesday's 7pmEST.

If you have been wanting to learn more about watercolours, but don't know where to begin, then our Watercolour Wednesdays are perfect for you!

If you have your own paints, brushes and paper, then pull them out and follow along. 

If you'd like us to send you a complete kit or a mini kit so that you can paint with what Jen is painting with cool! We'll do that! Then you'll be outfitted for a perfect new summer hobby!

Watercolour Wednesdays Event will be delivered via Facebook. Please ensure you have registered for Facebook, so you can watch all the class videos and communicate with other members talking the class! We will send you an email reminder each Wednesday with a link on where to tune in!