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Sulky 50 Wt. Cotton Thread - Soft White - 160 yd. Spool

Sulky 50 Wt. Cotton Thread is a 2-ply thread made from 100% Egyptian-grown Giza cotton. This type of Egyptian cotton is world renowned for its super long staple length, which means that the fibers are long, silky, lustrous and bright. This thread is an all-purpose weight that is perfect for nearly any project. Each spool is twisted, dyed, and finished in Italy, with the final winding in Germany. Sulky 50 Wt. Cotton Thread is ideal for piecing, quilting, and sewing.
  • Brand: Sulky 50 Wt. Cotton 160 Yd. Spools
  • Color Name: Soft White
  • Color Number: 1002
  • Fiber Content: Cotton
  • Hand Weight: Light
  • Solid, Variegated and Multi: Solids
  • Spool or Cone: Spool
  • Thread Weight: 50 Wt.
  • Yardage: 160