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Sewing 101 - A Total Beginner's Sewing Course

If you know nothing about sewing, this is the class for you!

In Sewing 101 you'll receive the supplies for three projects, along with practice materials and some cute sewing goodies!  All you need is a sewing machine!

Class 1:  You're going to start with the basics, threading, winding bobbins, changing needles and learning about the machine.  You'll practice sewing on your practice materials provided.

Class 2: Project 1 - Heat pack. 

Class 3 - Project 2 - Mug Rug

Class 4 - Project 3 - Zippered Pouch. 

You'll get access to four pre recorded lessons you'll be given access to HomeMade's Sewing School a private Facebook group where you can post, ask questions and receive beginner support along the way. 

Video classes will be emailed to you when your kit ships and you can start and join the Facebook group any time.  You'll have unlimited access to the classes.

In Sewing 101 you'll receive the required:

  • Fabric
  • Zipper
  • Thread
  • Batting
  • Needles
  • Sewing Snips
  • Patterns & Resource Materials

    Supplies required but not included;

    • Rotary Cutter (this is for cutting fabric)
    • Cutting Mat (this is the mat you cut fabric on, while using the rotary cutter)
    • Thread Snips (these are fingerless little scissors perfect for thread cutting)
    • Fabric Scissors (You need a good pair of fabric scissors that do not get used for anything else!)
    • 4x18 Cutting Ruler (this will help you measure, and guide your cutting with the rotary cutter and mat - these three items are always used together.)
    • Seam ripper (cause mistakes happen)

    If you don't have these items, don't worry, we've kitted them, and can send them with your supplies box. Click here for the Beginner's Bundle ($129).

    You'll need your own sewing machine  (doesn't matter what make or model, but please be sure it's in working order) The machine we're using in the class is the Janome C30 computerized machine ($389). We can ship this machine with your box if you'd like to use the same one we are! It's a great machine! Click here to see it.

    Your machine's manual will also be helpful (if you can't find it, try downloading from your manufacturer. Many are online) 

    Please note that this is an online course, we'll make every attempt to guide, demonstrate and answer questions. However, we've done many of these events virtually, everyone gets the hang of it, learns a lot and it's always a good time!