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Creative Grids Left Handed Quilt Ruler 12 1/2 " Square

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Creative Grids Non-Slip Left-Handed Quilt 12½'' x 12½'' Square

Introducing the first truly left-handed square rulers on the market! Now you can experience all of the great features of one of the most popular Creative Grids squares, but printed specifically for left handed.

The markings on this 12-1/2'' square are a mirror image of our right-handed square so lefties will no longer have to deal with numbers that are upside down and reversed! This 12-1/2'' square ruler features easy-to-read black and white markings printed in 1 inch grids marked in 1/8'' and 1/4'' increments. Use the easy-to-read, black numbers (printed on white dots) and the 1/4'' grip sides to cut whole inches.

The 1/4'' dashed lines printed on two adjoining sides aid in trimming seam allowances. Use the patented Turn-A-Round feature designated by the easy to read, numerical white numbers (printed on black dots) and the 1/2'' grip sides, to add the 1/2'' seam allowance. A 45 degree angle is printed in black and is used to trim half-square triangles to size. White horizontal and vertical lines are printed on the square so the center of the ruler is easily distinguishable. Use these lines to square up blocks based on four-patches or embroidered and appliqued blocks.