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Sew Q Laser - Backordered until Dec15

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If you’re purchasing the laser you’ll be put in the back order cue, the manufacturer says delivery by Dec 15.

Make sewing seams easier with our alignment laser that is hard mounted to the sewing machine to allow stability so the laser doesn’t move during operation. Sew Q is plugged in by a USB port and is adjustable by tightening a screw. The laser shines well with machine and room lights on. 

A Mounting Base is Included With Your Sew Q Laser. Additional Mounting Base Kits are Not Required.

  • Can Reduce Sewing Time

  • Crisp and Sharp Laser Line

  • Bright Laser Line

  • Easy to Align

  • Easy to Attach

  • Easy Installation

  • Straight Forward to use

  • Useful for getting accurate ¼ inch seams

  • More accurate than trying to eyeball straight lines

  • Helps increase accuracy of sewing and quilting

  • Those who never quilted before may find it hard to keep seams consistent. The Sew Q Laser helps ensure seams are true.


  • 1 Base Mount
  • 1 Thumb Screw
  • 2 Cable Supports
  • 1 USB Cable with Laser Attached
  • 1 USB Port
  • 1 Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 2 Double Sided Adhesive Tape