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Braided Cotton Rope - Black 3/16th (5mm)

These are 1 yard cuts of 3/16inch (5mm) cotton braided rope. Perfect for making rope bowls or other items.

 Colour = Black

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This braided cotton rope has a heavy cotton skin braided over parallel cotton core yarns. It is 100% Canadian made using NAFTA cotton fiber. This rope is popular for making rope baskets, pet toys and leads. It is soft on the hands and knots well. 

  • 100% natural cotton rope
  • Dip dyed
  • Soft on the hands
  • Manufactured in Canada using premium quality North American cotton yarn
Please indicated the number of yards you'd like by adding that number to your cart. It will come as one continuous piece. This rope is perfect for making rope bowls.  We suggest pairing the rope with a matching cotton thread.  For the bowl size Jen's holding in the picture we used 20 yards of rope.