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Deco Bob Prewound Bobbins DBP15-103 Grey

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WonderFil pre-wound bobbins are wound with our 80wt DecoBob thread in a reusable plastic bobbin, which means there is no glue or wax holding it together (which also makes for happy machines!

DecoBob makes for an ideal bobbin thread as using a finer weight thread will also minimize the bulk in whatever you are doing, however DecoBob also has the strength, versatility and reliability you can count on.

Pre-wounds are a fantastic choice because they come wound uniformly meaning you will get more consistency in all your stitches, which is especially noticeable when doing embroidery. They also come wound with a high density of thread than when you wind your own bobbins on a domestic machine.

Material: 2 ply cottonized polyester

Weight: 80 wt

Size: Class 15, 123m - 12 Bobbins per pack

Usages: Bobbin thread, precision piecing, stippling, general sewing, machine embroidery, top and bottom thread for quilting, button holes, digitized lace design, hidden stitches.