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Sew Q Laser

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Make sewing seams easier with our alignment laser that is hard mounted to the sewing machine to allow stability so the laser doesn’t move during operation. Sew Q is plugged in by a USB port and is adjustable by tightening a screw. The laser shines well with machine and room lights on. 

A Mounting Base is Included With Your Sew Q Laser. Additional Mounting Base Kits are Not Required.

  • Can Reduce Sewing Time

  • Crisp and Sharp Laser Line

  • Bright Laser Line

  • Easy to Align

  • Easy to Attach

  • Easy Installation

  • Straight Forward to use

  • Useful for getting accurate ¼ inch seams

  • More accurate than trying to eyeball straight lines

  • Helps increase accuracy of sewing and quilting

  • Those who never quilted before may find it hard to keep seams consistent. The Sew Q Laser helps ensure seams are true.


  • 1 Base Mount
  • 1 Thumb Screw
  • 2 Cable Supports
  • 1 USB Cable with Laser Attached
  • 1 USB Port
  • 1 Alcohol Prep Pad
  • 2 Double Sided Adhesive Tape